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Track of the Tiger (Tourism Resources Development.)

Track of the Tiger was the founder member of VWB. It was the logical development of the company's own CSR initiative that saw it develop the Ban Mae Lai Nature Trails with the village community, earning them the SKAL Ecotourism Award for 2006.
Since then VWB has been registered as a non-profit (Foundation) allowing public record keeping. Track of the Tiger still cover all basic operational overheads for VWB and the two enjoy a symbiotic relationship under which Track of the Tiger uses VWB projects as a platform for its educational, CS, CSR and Team Building programmes. Its clients donate directly to, and provide or sponsor the projects used.
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Maekok River Village Resort & Outdoor Education Centre

Shareholders in Track of the Tiger, co-own Maekok River Village Resort & Outdoor Education Centre. The VWB Foundation provides the non-profit channel through which clients donate to the extensive projects in the Mae Ai area, mainly in rural education, that MRVR provides as 'service learning' projects for its International School client base.
It also contributes funding from revenue saved through 'vegetarian meal days' to VWBs general development fund.
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Inner World

Stefanie Irl, the CEO of Inner World Co., Ltd. is donating a percentage of the profits from her coloring book “Magical Thailand - A Colorful Journey” - a wonderful coloring book for adults and children about Thailand’s meaningful culture and traditions. Coloring is used in the psychology domain as a therapy to reduce stress and anxiety. It also cultivates mindfulness, improves sleep, focus and mental clarity.

Are you ready to explore your Inner World? For more detail contact her at
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