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Opportunities for Volunteers

As the current laws stand, volunteers may work on assignments without a work permit in Thailand whilst on a tourist visa, for the duration of that visa and extensions – allowing them up to 90 days in the Kingdom in total.

Volunteers – with specific skill sets – that support the stated objectives of the VWB Foundation, and under agreement with us for longer than 90 days must  apply for and enter the Kingdom on a non-immigrant visa, and that application must be supported by a letter from the foundation. Once here, the foundation will apply for a formal work permit for them.

Those who have reviewed our CS project menu feel they can have the skills to contribute in specific areas should email us to discuss the options. The same applies to those conducting academic research in the field of responsible/sustainable tourism.

Volunteers – Available for less than 90 days, are encouraged to join one of our fixed departure programmes, letting us know of their skills areas so that we may put them to good use.

Universities - We welcome intesterest from universities who wish to collaborate with us on designing/delivering programmes for their students, and in offering internship, research projects for their postgraduates. The RTA platform database is designed specifically to support such research.

Work Commitment – If with us on a tourist visa – your work commitment (days/hours per week/workplace) is negotiable and dictated by your assignments.

If with us on a non-immigrant visa and work permit, you will need to need to commit to a minimum of 3 days per week, in our offices, or on assignment.

Accommodation – We have a small number of rooms in our volunteer house, right next door to our office. A room or bed there is available but will be allocated at the discretion of the GM.

Meals – When working in the office, lunch will be provided. When on a specific assignment, meals, transport and accommodation will be provided as needed.

Assignments – Skilled volunteers are need for the following work, summarised below are expanded on here

  • The  Saturday School Project
  • The Responsible Tourism Alliance
  • Agroforestry & 2nd Revenue Stream Development
  • Promotion & Marketing

Virtual Volunteers

The following roles are available to those who wish to provide valuable support for VWB on a part-time basis, either before or after (a) joining the RTA as an Ambassador, (b) undertaking a formal volunteer assignment for VWB.


  • Gathering data on potential NTFP (non-timber forest products) suitable for planting in and harvesting from community forests in different areas of the world. The emphasis is on the value that may be added to them at source by community members before they are sent/sold along the supply chain.  


  • Selected plants from which bees harvest pollen to produce high-grade organic honey.
  • Selected herbs – used to produce natural health and beauty products.
  • Herbal medicines.

The benefits are of course in:

  • Developing carbon sinks and oxygen generators needed to address climate change.
  • Providing 2nd revenue stream income for rural communities, as a viable alternative to destroying the forest habitat (burning, hunting endangered flora and fauna), creating air pollution that is dangerous to health and to the economy.
  • Addressing poverty and ensuring dignity through job creation to rural communities many of which have been hollowed out as working-age people are drawn to work in the city – with the negative impacts they have.
  • Ensuring livelihoods that are non-tourism revenue reliant (risk managed.)Gathering data on art & craft based 2nd revenue streams. Most micro and small tourism businesses in rural areas would not make a viable, or full-time living from responsible tourism. They could, however, (based on the skills of those in their community, and the establishment of a reliable supply chain - raw materials in/produce out/city-based sales outlet.), generate good non-tourism reliant revenue.


  • Recycled Plastic – used to make reusable shopping bags, shoe hangers, and more.
  • Recycled wire etc., – used to make ornaments, etc.
  • Recycled clothing – used to create fashionable attire.

    Note*Findings may be uploaded to the appropriate RTA Forums.


  • Raise funds for any specific VWB Project in their area of special interest.
  • We will authorize you, and provide you with the materials to support your fundraising efforts – to subsidise for your own volunteer assignment on a VWB programme.
  • On recruiting RTA Ambassadors to sign up, your name would be recorded on their registration form and on your own VWB Volunteer profile.


We will consider providing you with ‘online training’ enabling you to:

  •  Recruit RTA Business Partners in your area, and assist them in creating/uploading their businesses to the RTA search system database
  • On recruiting RTA Business Partners/Development Partners to sign up, your name would be recorded on their registration form and on your own VWB Volunteer profile.

Note* Those interested in a role as a self-employed RTA Local Agent could:

  • Use their virtual volunteer role to explore the potential of an agency in their area.
  • Determine their suitability for the role.
  • Raise funds and gain credibility to subsidise a 3 month RTA Local Agent Training Course with us in Chiang Mai Thailand. The opportunity would suit those progressive thinkers who are interested in a new and rewarding career opportunity combining tourism & social development that reflects the future of the tourism industry.