About Us

Our Volunteer Philosophy

VWB’s goal is to position small businesses and communities so that they can enjoy improved access to the growing responsible tourism market. Wherever possible, we aim to help them establish viable 2nd revenue streams so that they are not reliant on tourism revenue alone.

The operating model they will adopt rewards both businesses and their guests for following best practices - including environmental stewardship - for their own and our collective benefit.

Our volunteers are not here to ‘give back’, they join us to fund and work on initiatives that will provide an opportunity for others, understanding that they have as much to learn from the experience, as they have to benefit from building a better future for all.

Those joining VWB programmes run from the Sanpatong Experiential Education Centre do so specifically to:

  • Provide funding
  • Give hands-on assistance
  • Where possible, use their particular skill sets to help develop opportunities for individuals, communities, micro and small tourism businesses in the local visitor-based economy.

Our volunteers will:

  • Gain new skills
  • Share new experiences
  • Learn from experiences and the diverse people they meet
  • Discover that the differences between their own cultures, customs, beliefs, traditions, values, aspirations - and those of their hosts, are insignificant when considered against those that they share in common.

Going forward.

These ‘gains’ will influence how our volunteers see and contribute to addressing the world's problems. Outside of volunteering, we advocate that those waiting to, or have already volunteered with us, join and support some of the many social activist groups online that are working to address the many pressing challenges - climate change, inequality, education etc., that are not given the priority they deserve by our elected officials.


Since we established our foundation in 2011, and launched our website in May 2010, many others have used the name ‘Volunteers Without Borders’ in their marketing materials even though the name is registered for our use. Please note that VWB is a registered foundation, not a volunteer placement agency. By agreement, our tourism industry partners separate their programme charges and project donations and do not levy a commission or fee on the latter.

As of its foundation in 2011, under 10% of the funds donated to VWB’s are used to cover marketing, admin, overheads, and salaries for a limited number of key full/part-time operational staff. VWBs Directors do not draw salaries or expenses, Any operational cost shortfalls are funded by Track of the Tiger T.R.D. as a CSR contribution.

The remaining 90% of the funds donated are spent on project-related expenditure only. We ask that all potential volunteers or donors, on any programme anywhere, help to protect the integrity of the non-profit sector providers worldwide by making sure they know exactly where their programme payments/contributions are being spent.

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