Donate to VWB Projects

Donation Form

Donations - A 4 Step Process.

Step 1. Select the project you or your group want to fund based on:

  • Your area of interest or study.
  • The funding available to you on a 'one off' or in 'monthly donations' (every little bit helps.)

Step 2. Make your donation using one of the three payment channels below:

  • Bank Transfer. (Email us or detail.)
  • Paypal (insert detail.)

Step 3. Use this CGI Form - To detail your contribution to a specific project or fund of your choice. It will allow us to record that contribution, and inform you of when, where, how the work was done - through an upload to the VWB Donor Logs.

Step 4. Check the VWB Logs - On receiving an email notification from VWB please visit the VWB Donor Log pages on our website for the specific project or fund you have contributed to, and review the detail recording your donation. Sign up for our blog to follow progress on the projects undertaken in your name.

Hands On Support 

Option 1. Undertake one of the VWB projects as your group's a CS, CSR project. 

Option 2. Use one of the VWB projects as a platform for a Corporate Team Building programme.

Option 3. Use one of the VWB projects as a platform for your educational objectives (study, research.)

Contact Track of the Tiger for a customised programme to meets your needs, time available and budget.