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Tourism Resources Development

Tourism Resources Development

We are currently developing The Responsible Tourism Alliance, a social enterprise driven online search and booking platform, designed to provide a support network for disenfranchised entrepreneurs hoping to gain access to the market and develop their local economies by using tourism as a catalyst.

We provide our entrepreneurs with the assistance of volunteers who can assist in; copywriting, photography, video or graphic design skills and are also able to share their expertise in the development of non-tourism reliant second revenue streams. VWB Volunteers working on this project are eligible for subsidies from the RTA, funded by fees from memberships.

We also offer skills-development workshops to our Business Partners. These include: 

  • Managing Enquiries & Bookings via the RTA Local Agent.
  • Basic Business Management - (establishing revenue & expenditure projections.)
  • Business Operations Manual - Standard procedures for running your business (all staff roles and reports.)
  • Basic Financial & Operational Reporting (an RTA format designed to position the business for impact funding or crowdfunding support going forward.)
  • Local Business Regulations & Taxation.
  • Managing your business profile on the RTA database and marketing your business effectively on the site. 
  • Basic Hospitality Training.
  • RTA Best Practices (waste management, hygiene, safety, conservation and more) 
  • Cross-Cultural Challenges
  • English language learning for tourism.
  • 2nd Revenue Stream Generation (non-tourism reliant.)
How to get involved

If you can offer your unique expertise to developing this initiative, follow this link for more information. Development tasks for the Responsible Tourism Alliance include copywriting, IT, photography, videography, research, marketing, skills training & workshop design and delivery.

For enquires and programme quotations, please use our contact form.

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