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Volunteering Categories

Short-term opportunities

Short-term volunteering can come in a variety of different forms - from putting in a few hours of work for one of our CS/CSR projects, to a few weeks of teaching English. Short-term volunteer projects are also appropriate for school groups or corporate volunteer teams as they do not require volunteers to take lengthy breaks from work or studies.

Volunteering abroad short term is often thought of as the best way to travel. Not only does it expose you to new cultures and parts of a country that tourists rarely see, but it is also a way of minimizing your impact on it. We take great care to ensure that each applicant is fully aware of their responsibility and that they can commit fully to our integrated solutions.

As a group or team coming to participate, your school, university or company will act as a development partner to VWB meaning that, if necessary, can contribute to funding the implementation of project. It’s important to ensure that each of the individuals in a group can commit the adequate amount of time while fully understanding the possible impacts of their involvement. They must also recognize their role as a representative of their group and as responsible volunteers.

In Thailand, volunteers must obtain visas which allow them to enter the country and work in the field. A number of nationalities are able to enter Thailand on an exempt visa for 30 days. Short term group programmes - (schools, corporate, special interest) do not generally need work permits.

Long-term opportunities

The process of becoming a long-term volunteer at Volunteers Without Borders is a highly competitive and selective one. We are committed to ensuring that the people who sign on to our programmes are as dedicated to meaningful development as we are, and have the expertise and understanding necessary to cope with the diverse workload facing our volunteers on a regular basis.

We vet every application that is submitted with great care to ensure that each applicant is fully aware of their responsibility and that they can commit fully to our integrated solutions.

In Thailand, volunteers have to obtain visas which allow them to enter the country and work in the field - volunteers staying for less than 1 month but up to 3 months need to obtain a non-immigrant (O Visa), after 3 months, this Visa will need to be updated to a work permit. Our staff are happy to assist you in the process of applying for and renewing such visas before and during your stay as well as give you information on health and travel insurance. It is also important for us that as one of our volunteers, you must be prepared to learn a little bit of the Thai language and understand the culture in such a way that we can be proud to call you a representative of the work we do.

Becoming a part of the team at Volunteers Without Borders can be very rewarding as not only is it an opportunity to learn an array of new skills, it is also the opportunity to learn how to invest in potential and create models for development in your own context.

The categories of volunteering types are as follows:

  • Group Volunteers - (Corporate team building, experiential education, special interest travel groups) – for projects that require funding and labour and will take from a 1/2 day to 2 days or longer to complete. Groups may also opt to undertake a range of projects in a given school or community over an extended period of time. The continuity allows the relationship to grow, and ensures that projects are properly maintained by the beneficiaries.
  • Self-Funded Volunteers - Willing to contribute funding and with a skill set /qualifications suited to the project that they would like to assist on. Flexible timeframe.
  • Subsidised Volunteers - Suitably qualified and or experienced for the assignment they will work on. Part subsidised by VWB sponsor. Minimum 3 months.
  • Virtual Volunteers - Willing to undertake a range of advocacy based projects that they and VWB deem worthy of support in addressing structural inequality. Identifying campaigns/initiatives/organisations established to address structural inequality (labour unions, environmental issues, tax avoidance etc.) many of which are run by organisations/activist platforms like AVAAZ/Uplift/SumOfUs etc. A forum will be established on the RTA website so that VWB Virtual Volunteers may review/promote specific campaigns on them and lend them their collective support. Once started we may be able to tap into these organisations. They would also propose content for the training/workshops resources section and identify potential RTA Development Partners and Donors/Sponsors. Flexible timeframe. 

Volunteers can apply to get involved with our various projects subject to their qualifications and time available using our general enquiry form.

On confirming a booking or assignment with VWB you will be sent a PDF of our handbook that provides extensive detail on:

  • The destination – its attractions, people, customs and culture.

  • Safety, health & security information
  • Banking & communications
  • Guidelines for working with others.
  • What to bring.

Depending on your assignment you will also be provided with:

  • Work permit, visa requirements.
  • Insurance & driving license requirements.
  • Supporting information for your specific assignment.
  • Your role, schedule and reporting requirement.
  • The assignment related training available to you.
  • The terms and conditions under which you are engaged.
  • Subsidies for living costs





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