Project Partners

Responsible Tourism Alliance

The Responsible Tourism Alliance is a social enterprise established to level the playing field in tourism to ensure a more equitable share of the industry rewards to poor and rural businesses which can not afford to keep up with big business commission rates.

The VWB has volunteers who are currently developing a vertical search and non-commission based booking system that provides representation and support for local entrepreneurs, and more authentic presentations of local customs and culture.
Our volunteers are also developing tourist routes radiating out from and between tourism destinations, allowing personalised itineraries that allow numerous micro and small businesses an RTA membership with their own profile that creates cost effective promotion in exchange for their commitment to responsible tourism and to preserving their cultural heritage.

The goal is to provide established tourism destinations with relief from the impacts of over-tourism to create a more sustainable visitor based economy. Most importantly, we prepare undiscovered business owners with the skills to implement sustainable tourism practices in their trade.

Individual donors, the RTA Community and our primary partners subsidise the cost of engaging task qualified volunteers in this project. If you would like to assist in providing funding for this project please follow this link for more information.