Project Selection, Pricing & Quotations

Project Locations

Volunteers Without Borders currently operates projects based from 2 main locations in Northern Thailand:


  •  The Maekok River Village Resort & Outdoor Education Centre in Ban Thaton, Amphur Mae Ai, located 175 kms north of Chiang Mai.
  • The training programmes/workshops and development related tasks for businesses joining the Responsible Tourism Alliance, as well as mobilizing VWB Virtual Volunteer support for initiatives that address the structures and practices that allow inequality. Located at VWB & Track of the Tiger HQ in Chiang Mai City, or a remote location as appropriate.


Project Selection

Several factors are taken into account when matching volunteers to Community Service or Corporate Social Responsibility programmes. Once you have advised us of the following, we can propose a prioritised list of project options for you:

  • When (week/month/year) you would like to undertake your volunteer programme.
  • The donor funding you can make available for your project.
  • The number of volunteers in your group (where every participant will be actively engaged.)
  • The number of days, weeks or months you can dedicate to the volunteer project.
  • The project-related skills level of those in your group.
  • The age and/or physical abilities of those in your group.
  • The need for local labour to support you in your efforts.
  • Your preferences in order of priority - from our VWB Projects
  • Whether or not you want to combine your volunteer programme with other Special Interest Activities, Courses or Workshops that are available from Track of the Tiger T.R.D.

Programme Pricing

We take the following factors into consideration when quoting prices for programmes.

  • The group size (1 teacher/group leader free for every 10 participants.)
  • The transfer cost - in and out.
  • The accommodation option chosen (participants or per room.)
  • The meal costs.
  • The programme components and scheduling.
  • The evening activity cost (putting on craft workshops, inviting a lecturer etc.)
  • The number of instructors and support staff needed.
  • The daily transport costs involved.
  • Daily insurance cover for participants.
  • Donor funding to cover set up costs, materials, local labour if needed.


  • From Chiang Mai City - by minibus (9-10 seats.)
  • From the Sanpatong Experiential Education Centre - by local pick up bus, by minibus, or by bicycle, depending on the project location.

Please use our Enquiries & Quotations Form to ensure a prompt and detailed response.

For enquires and programme quotations, please use our contact form.

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