Project Partners

Track of the Tiger


The Track of the Tiger is a tourism resources development company that acts as the appointed commercial partner and Local Agent for RTA as well as a development partner to the Volunteers Without Borders Foundation (VWB). Our partnership began as a social responsibility initiative that integrates corporate team building with social development. This gives businesses the opportunity to invest in implementing our solutions, whilst also benefiting from the experiential skills acquired during their participation.

Our first collaboration was with the Ban Mai Lai village, where we assisted in setting up nature trails along their idyllic local streams and waterfalls; the project was a success, the villagers continue to benefit from the rewards of such a feature in their community, and the project won the SKAL Ecotourism Award for 2006.

In 2011, VWB transitioned into its own entity as a non-profit foundation, with Track of the Tiger being its primary supporter in assisting with overhead, management, admin and marketing costs to ensure that the donor dollar is used as efficiently as possible.

Volunteer Opportunities

Within this partnership, the volunteering groups Track of the Tiger work with with come primarily from schools and businesses conducting social responsibility initiatives. We have seen amazing bonds between volunteering students and the pupils within schools that we have implemented our sustainable agriculture and infrastructure projects. Many of the businesses who have sent teams to assist in our projects have also described forming meaningful relationships with the communities they were exposed to under our guidance, and have gone on to donate and sponsor many more projects beyond those they were directly involved in.

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