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Capacity Building & Enhancement

Basic English & Vocational (Tourism related) Education

Volunteers Without Borders places great emphasis on the role of education in our solution design. Both our English language education for rural school children and our vocational training workshops for adults are provided with the help of suitably qualified volunteers. Their funding and support comes from our development partners; individuals, government, non-government, business, educational institutes, tourism organizations & representative bodies.

These projects are aimed at providing a range of opportunities for all in the community, especially those with an entrepreneurial flair for tourism, who have the potential to empower those who take advantage of them.

We offer basic English language education at the SEEC in our free Saturday School classes, as well as Vocational Skills Training for Responsible Tourism Alliance Business Partners, find out more here.

Educational Infrastructure for Rural Schools

VWBs infrastructural projects include water systems, classrooms, intelligent playgrounds and sustainable agriculture based 2nd revenue solutions and require more in terms of initial funding than in construction skills to implement. They are well suited to groups (corporate team-building, schools, special interest tourism) coming via Track of the Tiger who, with the support of experts, can fund and implement these projects and some cases, use them as a platform on which to conduct their experiential education programmes.

Structural Development

Structural Problems Drive Inequality and Disenfranchise Local Businesses - In and beyond destinations.

The underlying structural Issues of over-tourism in established destinations, a lack of equitable revenue share, and the control over the form and future of the tourism product are emerging as risks for investors, government and residents alike.

For the outlying rural areas – a hollowing out of communities that sees only the old and the young left behind as those of working age leave for minimum wage work in the cities, causes irreparable social and cultural damage, irreparably eroding the social fabric.

These two closely related problems can be resolved successfully if the stakeholders in the destination itself, and in the areas around it, use the non commission based booking alternative of the RTA platform to level the playing field for their mutual and long term benefit.


The social enterprise driven, non-commission based search and booking platform developed by the RTA provides a welcome alternative to the traditional commission-based model used by mainstream tourism. That system charges businesses some 30-50% commissions on bookings, and monopolising the market channels, disenfranchising small local business and exerting far too much control over the flow and type of guests to a destination.

RTAs network of Local Agents - a hybrid between tour agent & tourism development specialists run by Track of the Tiger - then link RTA Travel Ambassadors with local businesses (accommodation, activity, attraction, course and workshop providers) that the RTA ambassadors have shortlisted through their RTA online searches.

Those businesses then compete for trade using a mix of discounts, upgrades, complimentary services etc. The RTA Local agent adds a transparent fee based on his or her hours worked to put the programme together, ensuring a fair deal. 

The role of the VWB volunteer is to help to build online presentations for small businesses, and to assist in building / enhancing capacity is as important as it is rewarding, and is explained in more detail under Volunteering with VWB.

VWB works to minimise the use of donor funds and maximise the rewards for the donors and the communities it works in by sharing resources with local government & NGOs wherever possible.

VWB Virtual Volunteers are tasked to use the VWB Forums highlighting the business practices worldwide that support or at least allow inequality to flourish, and allow its membership to choose which campaigns theywish to support in order to change the way things work.

VWB's key business partners deliberately design their products & programmes to use VWB projects for CAS programmes for schools, CSR/Team-Building programmes for corporate clients and/or practical workshop projects for special interest travellers. 

If for example the SEEC ran a course for visitors in adobe brick making, bamboo house construction, or renewable energy, that course would include a project to build something in a local school or community creating a win-win. The SEEC benefits from course fees, accommodation, meals and a vibrant local-visitor based economy, the school gains much needed infrastructure at no cost, and the region enjoys increased volume of sustainable tourism.

There is little doubt in our mind that this integrated solution approach, combining capacity building and structural reform, whilst collaborating with others to achieve the greatest impact for the lowest cost - is the answer to solving the problem of inequality - in the tourism industry - and beyond it.

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