VWB Projects with Track of the Tiger T.R.D.

Infrastructure Support for Rural Schools & Communities

SSI1 - In Schools

Education is key to the development of every community and can pave the way for development in the future, this is why we are committed to ensuring rural children have safe and healthy environments:

  • Construction of classrooms, learning spaces, dining & dishwashing areas.
  • Downhole bores, solar panels, submersible pumps, water taks, filters & piping.

SSI2 - In Village Communities

It felt logical under our integrated solutions approach to invest in the infrastructure needed at the village level to allow access for responsible tourist visitors. This way -  community members led by the entrepreneurs amongst them carve a role for themselves in the local visitor-based economy in a way that showcases their culture, customs, and lifestyles to a selected market.This can cover such things as:

  • Downhole bores, solar panels, submersible pumps, water taks, filters & piping.
  • Toilets for visitors, a room for visiting community nurses, doctors, solar power, sewage systems, and more.

Who can get involved

All Groups - A single school or village project generally involves several components each of varying duration and cost. They can be conducted by a single corporate entity on a team-building/CSR programme, or a school client over an extended service-learning programme for their students. 

Clients that work on these projects over an extended period of time build a strong relationship between the participating volunteers and the community - the sense of shared ownership and accomplishment in the resulting success over time is long-lasting.

Costs: Would depend on the specific project. Contact us to discuss the options based on: (a) Your budget. (b) Time available. (c) Group size. (d)  Area of interest.

Donations: Review options Here.

Project Duration: From a half day to several days.
Note* Projects can be started by VWB staff prior to the group's arrival so that it can be completed by the donor group during the time thay have available to them.

Programme Management: Track of the Tiger T.R.D. & VWB - Contact Us

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Programme Management: 

  • Track of the Tiger T.R.D. Contact us Here. For projects in the Chiang Mai area.
  • Maekok River Village Resort & Outdoor Education Centre. Contact us Here
    For projects in the Mae Ai area (based from the resort 175kms north of Chiang Mai.)