VWB Projects with Track of the Tiger T.R.D.

Project Selection


In support of its strategy to use responsible tourism to provide opportunity, ensure equitable revenue share, and protect the culture and physical environment of countries and communities that host tourist visitors, VWB focuses on several different project areas - all of which are interconnected:

Selecting your CS or CSR Project


Step 1. - Review the projects areas that you are keen to support.
Step 2. - Select one or more that you would like to make a one-off or regular monthly donation to.
Step 3. - Use the donation form and payment options provided on it, or use our account on Give.Asia.
Step 4. - Look for your donation to show up on the VWB donors logs. Subscribe to our VWB blog to keep abreast of developments.

Donors/Hands on Support

Step 1. - Review the projects areas that you are keen to support. 
Step 2. - Within that category, select one that matches group's (a) budget (b) skills/ abilities, (c) size. (d) time available.
Step 3. - Use the donation form and payment options provided on it, or use our account on Give.Asia.
Step 4. - Look for your donation to show up on the VWB donors logs. Subscribe to our VWB blog to keep abreast of developments.

Support from or for Local Student  Volunteers

Should you wish to subsidise a small group of local student volunteers to work (a) with you, or (b) on your behalf to undertake any of these projects just use the contact form to explore the options with us.

Project Categories

  • Education - Support for Rural Schoolchildren - Providing ESL (English as a Second Language) training on our Saturday School Project, and improving the educational facilities, access to nutrition, and outdoor education facilities at local schools - that will provide personnel to work in the local visitor based economy. 
  • Small Scale Infrastructure in Rural Schools & Communities - In schools and in communities - to improve access, opportunity, and health. (Please email VWB for updated detail, as options depending on your budget.)
  • Sustainable Agriculture Development -  In an environment where rural villagers are incentivised to encroach on the forest to plant crops - often to meet the demand of the agro-feed industry, we advocate a different approach. We look to introduce raised bed and hanging basket organically grown vegetables and herbs - around the home - as the first step to a return to healthier, more profitable - direct to market food production.
  • Community Managed Reforestation -  Our goal is the protect the forest by restoring the symbiotic relationship between man and the forest. We use a partnership between responsible tourists and villagers to fund and implement an integrated set of solutions to achieve this. 
  • Responsible Tourism Development

    • The development of the supply chain and business model that ensures micro and small locally owned businesses – in and beyond the destination city - fair and affordable market access to an equitable share of tourism revenues.
    • The development of vocational skills that equip individuals and communities to take advantage of the opportunities responsible tourism brings.

      2nd Revenue Stream Development - The development of viable and sustainable non-tourism reliant 2nd revenue stream incomes - to minimise risk and to strengthen and diversify the local visitor-based economy. (Under discussion with host communities - request options from VWB by email.)

Donors & Supporters

The donor funding and hands-on support - direct or indirect- for these projects comes from several key groups - each with different areas of interest, budgets, and time available to them. they generally fall into the following categories:

  • Individuals - You may contribute to any of our projects. Please note that in addressing the problems resulting from the Corvid 19 problem we are prioritising the 'Adopt A Tree Project' with an emphasis on sustainable agriculture/non-timber forest projects - as the fastest way of generating income at the village level - where many workers (breadwinners), laid off from their jobs in the city - have returned and are without the income to feed their families.
  • Volunteers - As a volunteer, you must evaluate not only where the funding you raise will have the most impact, but where your particular skill set or interests will best benefit the projects contribute to, whilst providing you with a valuable experience that helps your development.
  • *Corporate Groups - Should select projects, or customise them, to align with your CSR objectives.
  • *Schools & Universities - Should select a project that suits your desired learning objectives are met.
  • Special Interest Travellers - Should review options that suit their budget and timeframe, if they want a hands-on experience, or just contribute something to help move a project that interests them and they would like to help.
  • Foundations, Groups - Should select projects that align with your organisations stated CS or CSR objectives.
  • Core Donors - Those who choose to donate regularly, either to a specific project or to cover areas of shortfall.

Note* -  Some groups may wish to double the benefit of their CS or CSR projects by using them as a platform for their experiential education needs (team building, study, or research.) Our alliance partner Track of the Tiger specialises in both areas.

Reporting & Monitoring

The success of the projects implemented depends almost entirely on the management of them by the beneficiaries - local school headmasters, village headman, individuals.  

VWB requires monthly reports to be submitted in a standard format, so that we may reward success and provide assistance/guidance where needed.

Our approach when dealing with schools/communities is to award projects in stages, and to ensure each is working well before offering the next to each school or community.

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