The Volunteers Without Borders Foundation is committed to addressing the growing problem of inequality. To achieve our goal we focus on three key areas:

Capacity Building in and around education – Understanding the importance to rural Thai schoolchildren of a well-rounded education, and the advantage of having strong English language skills, VWB has focused its efforts on supporting local schools by providing:

  • Donor funding and volunteer support for small construction projects (toilet blocks, classrooms, hygienic kitchens, clean water etc.) in rural schools. A healthy learning environment produces better results.

  • Donor funding and volunteer support for small scale sustainable agricultural projects in schools (mushroom houses, greenhouses etc.) to subsidise what are very low meal allowances. Children need good nutrition to reach their full potential.

    • Trained volunteer teaching support for our Saturday School Project – Free English language lessons for students (and soon adults) driven enough to want them.

By partnering with Track of the Tiger and others, we have been able to use several of these projects in CAS programmes for international schools, team building & CSR programmes for corporate clients, maximizing impact whilst minimizing the use of use of donor funding.

Capacity Building in and around responsible tourism - VWB provides tourism & business skills training workshops to entrepreneurs and leaders in local visitor based economies, in the belief that they will become the catalyst for broader the development of local visitor based communities, on the outskirts of developed tourism destinations.

In addition, VWB identifies and provides them with training in the development of viable 2nd revenue streams, that are non-reliant on tourism, and therefore provide effective risk management. 

To improve our impact and minimize use of donor funding, we work with other NGOs and local government to share training resources for the benefit of all.

Broader collaboration – Well aware that local businesses will not be awarded an equitable share of tourism revenues without major structural reforms, VWB has entered a collaboration with The Responsible Tourism Alliance to provide the integrated solutions needed to address the issues that so disenfranchise micro small tourism  enterprises worldwide, denying them market access, a fair share of revenue, and control over their futures. 


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