The Volunteers Without Borders Foundation is committed to addressing the growing problem of inequality worldwide. Our primary focus is on:

  • Teaching basic English and critical thinking to rural Thai students through our Saturday School project and providing the support needed in rural schools for hygiene, nutrition and infrastructure.  

  • Providing vocational business skills training to tourism entrepreneurs and communities, including the use of non-tourism reliant 2nd revenue streams to risk-manage downturns in, or an over-dependence on tourism as a component of the local economy.

  • Providiing agroforestry related (demonstartion, training, and research) to rural communities,designed to incentivise the protection of the forests, protect the environment.and generate revenue.

Understanding that to resolve the problems of inequality in tourism and beyond, a broader set of integrated solutions have been developed. VWB has become a key member of the Responsible Tourism Alliance - a group of stakeholders in tourism - collaborating to address these interdependent issues that are so important to our collective futures.

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