Establishing an equitable model for tourism has long been identified as an effective means of addressing poverty for millions. Volunteers Without Borders was established to deliver on that long overdue promise - and does so using an integrated set of solutions:





Teaching basic English and critical thinking to rural Thai students through our Saturday School project and providing the support needed for hygiene, nutrition and infrastructure in rural schools.


Delivering vocational business skills training to tourism entrepreneurs and communities, including the use of non-tourism reliant 2nd revenue streams to risk-manage downturns in, or an over-dependence on tourism as a component of the local economy.


Implementing reforestation programmes that provide a viable agroforestry based income from NTFP (non-timber forest products to which value can be added on-site), and from the responsible tourism trade that those activities attract. The combination  incentivises the protection of the forest, and it's endangered flora and fauna for the benefit of our own and future generations.

Understanding that to resolve the problems of inequality in tourism and beyond, a broader set of integrated solutions have been developed. VWB has become a key member of the Responsible Tourism Alliance - a group of stakeholders in tourism - collaborating to address these interdependent issues that are so important to our collective futures.

To collaborate with its industry partners who use VWB Projects as a platform for the delivery of their CS (service learning) or CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) programmes - to which their clients donate funding and provide hands on support. Our main partners seperate the programme and donation components when pricing their programmes and do not levy a commission on the latter.



We align our implemented solutions with a number of the United Nations Sustainable Goals, click on the icons below to learn more. 

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