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If you are able to attend, donate to and work on a Volunteers Without Borders programme, Track of the Tiger programme that incorporates a Volunteers Without Border component we are certain that you and those who benefit from your input will each get something valuable from it.

If you are not able to attend in person, perhaps you would consider donating something to the specified programme of your choice. Your help would be much appreciated. 

Whichever project you donate to, those appointed to work on your behalf will let you know by email or blog, exactly how your donation was spent, and what impact it had.We have so far been able to ensure that 95%+ of donor funding has been spent directly on project funding, an not on overheads, marketing etc., the costs of which have been covered by Track of the Tiger.

VWB accounts are audited annually and we welcome you request for an undited summary of them. We have so far been able to ensure that 95%+ of donor funding has been spent directly on project funding.

Project Menu Specific Project Amount in Euro
Education Related Intelligent Playgrounds
The Saturday School Project
English Language Assistance
Infrastructure Projects in Schools Permanent Buildings & Structures
Temporary Buildings & Structures
Basic Infrastructure Projects
Sustainable Agriculture Projects in Schools. Mushroom Houses
Vermiculture Projects
The Plant & Seed Fund
Travel4Good Subsidise a Volunteer
Business Development (IT, Copy Writing, Multi-Media  Skills.)
2nd Revenue Stream Development
Volunteer Teachers/Specialists Interns/Graduates on Internships/Work Placement.
Allocated according to priorities as determined by VWB.
Total Donation in Euro. 0

See: CS & CSR Project Menu for more detail.

Donate to the Project of your Choice 
Step 1. Review the menu of options and decide how much you wish to donate and to which project area.
Step 2. Make your payment by (a) PayPal (b) Bank Transfer (ask for details - Email.)
Step 3. Submit this form.

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