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Long-Term Volunteering Opportunities

The process of becoming a long-term volunteer at Volunteers Without Borders is a highly competitive and selective one. We are committed to ensuring that the people who sign on to our programmes are as dedicated to meaningful development as we are, and have the expertise and understanding necessary to cope with the diverse workload facing our volunteers on a regular basis. 

We vet every application that is submitted with great care to ensure that each applicant is fully aware of their responsibility and that they can commit fully to our integrated solutions. We are looking for individuals who have the right character and attitude towards development.

In Thailand, volunteers have to obtain visas which allow them to enter the country and work in the field - volunteers staying for up to 3 months need to obtain a non-immigrant (O Visa), after 3 months, this Visa will need to be updated to a work permit. Our staff are happy to assist you in the process of applying for and renewing such visas before and during your stay as well as give you information on health and travel insurance. It is also important for us that as one of our volunteers, you must be prepared to learn a little bit of the Thai language and understand the culture in such a way that we can be proud to call you a representative of the work we do. 

Becoming a part of the team at Volunteers Without Borders can be very rewarding as not only is it an opportunity to learn an array of new skills, it is also the opportunity to learn how to invest in potential and create models for development in your own context. 

Volunteers can apply to get involved with our various projects using our general enquiry form.

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