Our Partners

The Volunteers Without Borders Foundation operates from within a symbiotic relationship with four other organisations which seek to achieve the same goal to allow communities to empower themselves through our development platforms. With our combined experience, we have seen how the tourism industry impacted various communities around the world - often, non-profits arrive with good intentions to provide support for these communities fail in delivering meaningful solutions to the problems facing the inequalities caused by irresponsible tourism. As a result of various barriers, initiatives implemented towards community development are unsuccessful because they fail to empower a key actor in local economic development: the entrepreneur.

Our platforms for development have been designed to provide entrepreneurs with the resources necessary to create progressive environments and are equipped with the ability to create self-sustainable markets that are equitable and ecologically sustainable.

The Volunteers Without Borders foundation designs development solutions for the clients of Track of the Tiger and Meakok River Village Resort (MRVR) to use in their experiential learning and corporate team building programmes. In return, their funding for such programmes goes towards implementing our solutions and additional overheads. 

The Sanpatong Experiential Education Centre & MRVR source their volunteers through VWB and provide venues for agricultural resource development, infastructure projects and various networking and marketing events such as the Bamboo Man Challenge.

The VWB is currently developing the Responsible Tourism Alliance; a support network for entrepreneurs in the tourism industry who need resource assistance in order to develop independent industry for ther community.

We hope that by creating these platforms for development in disenfranchised communities, our donors and sponsors can become investors in the long-term progress of the communities we work with.

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