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Our Integrated Solutions Approach

We place an important emphasis on the role of education in our solution design. Both the English language based education for rural school children, and the vocational training workshops for adults are provided with the help of suitably qualified volunteers, their funding and support from other development partners; government, non-government, business, educational institutes, tourism organizations & representative bodies. These projects are aimed at providing a range of opportunities for all in the community, especially those with an entrepreneurial flair, who have the potential to empower those who take advantage of them.

Our infrastructural projects include water systems, classrooms, intelligent playgrounds and sustainable agriculture based 2nd revenue solutions and require more in terms of initial funding than skills to implement.  They are well suited to groups (corporate team building, schools, special interest tourism) who, with the support of experts, can fund and implement these projects whilst using them as a platform on which to conduct their experiential education programmes.

The underlying but equally important structural Issues of over-tourism in established destinations, equitable revenue share, and the control over the future of the tourism product are emerging as risks for investors, government and residents alike. For the outlying rural areas – a hollowing out of communities that sees only the old and the young left behind as those of working age leave for minimum wage work in the cities, causes irreparable social and cultural damage. These closely related problems can be resolved successfully if the stakeholders in the destination itself, in the areas around it, and in the wider RTA community, collaborate for their mutual long term benefit.

The role of the volunteer on these projects is as important as it is rewarding, and is explained in more detail under Volunteering with VWB

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