VOLUNTEERS WITHOUT BORDERS.org - Is the official website for the Volunteers Without Borders Foundation, (Reg. No. Chor Mor 353) based in Chiang Mai, Thailand. 

The primary objective of The Volunteers Without Borders Foundation is to develop a more equitable model for responsible tourism that puts (local) people over profits, protecting their futures, customs and culture against the negative impacts of mass or mainstream tourism.

Its collaborative operating model ensures that 100% of funding contributed by volunteers for specific VWB community service projects does just that (without any commissions levied on them.)

VWBs overheads and other expenses are funded exclusively by Track of the Tiger T.R.D., its tourism industry partners. In selected cases, skilled volunteers are subsidised by individual and corporate donors. 

Sample Volunteer & Mixed Activity Programme

5 Day Volunteering & Mixed Activity Programme (Read more / read less.)

Programme Objectives: The programme is designed to allow client groups the opportunity to undertake their choice from a range of CS projects designed to be part of an integrated set of solutions aimed at ensuring rural people opportunity and employment in their on (local visitor based economy.) It also offers a number of supporting activities that showcase the local culture, customs, crafts, and lifestyle.

It includes 2 nights at the SEEC, and 2 nights in the city, (3 & 1 if taking Day 4. Option B.)

Day / Date




Day 1

  • Arrive and be met at the airport or railway station.
  • Transfer by minibus to the Sanpatong Experiential Education Centre.
  • Check into your accommodation.
  • *Attend a Bai See (Traditional) welcome ceremony.
  • Lunch - A Thai Food Buffet.
  • Tour of the premises.
  • Programme & Safety Briefing (with practice drills.)
  • *Farm Skills Challenge:
    • Rice planting/ harvest/or milling.
    • Ploughing with buffalo.
    • Fishing - traps & nets.
  • Dinner.
  • A briefing on your chosen CS project or projects.
  • Relax then retire to bed.

Day 2.

  • Breakfast.
  • Depart by vehicle for the CS project site.
  • Picnic box lunch.
  • Continue with CS project.
  • Return to the SEEC.


  • Dinner - *Traditional Charcoal cooker dinner (prepared & self cooked.)
  • Relax then retire to bed.

Day 3.

  • Breakfast.
  • Continue with CS project to completion.
  • Thank you and hand- over ceremony.  
  • Return for lunch at the SEEC.
  • *3 Part Cooking School Programme.
  • Harvest/Purchase
  • Cooking.
  • Vegetable Carving


  • Self cooked Thai Style Dinner.
  • Relax & retire to bed.

Day 4.


  • Breakfast
  • Check out of the SEEC.
  • Depart for a hands-on crafts tour (wood carving, doll making, painting, pottery in support of responsible tourism.)
  • Lunch in a traditional Thai restaurant,
  • Continue hands-on tour programme.
  • Check into city hotel.
  • Dinner in local restaurant.
  • Free time in night market - shopping/exploring.
  • Return to hotel.
  • Relax & retire to bed.

Day 4. (Opt.B.)

  • Breakfast.
  • Take on an assistant teacher role in our Saturday School Programme.
  • Lunch at the SEEC.
  • Check out of the SEEC.
  • Depart for a reduced hands-on crafts tour (wood carving, doll making, painting, pottery in support of responsible tourism.)
  • Dinner in local restaurant.
  • Free time in night market - shopping/exploring.
  • Return to hotel.

Relax & retire to bed.

Day 5.

  • Breakfast.
  • Check out of hotel.
  • Debrief on programme.
  • Group photo.
  • Transfer to airport/railway station via shopping centre where you have lunch and some free time.
  • Continue to airport / railway station for check in.

On the way home.

Activity Notes:

Bai See Traditional Welcome Ceremony: A traditional ceremony during which senior representatives of the village welcome you, and offer a Buddhist prayer for your safety and well being whilst with them and beyond, signified by a white thread tied around your wrist.

Farm Skills Challenge: In this day and age of pre-packaged, plastic wrapped foods and fast food deliveries we lose touch with exactly what is involved in getting  rice (and everything else) from the paddy (or plot) to the plate. This hands-on challenge puts it all into context.

Traditional Charcoal Cooked Dinner:In modern Thai cooking most of the dishes are stir-fried in order that they may be served within minutes of being ordered. There are however a number of fantastic dishes that need to be 'slow cooked' and taste better if done in a charcoal oven, many of which are custom designed for particular tasks. The dinner is part prepared by our staff, and part by the guests.

Traditional Thai Meals: Throughout the programme you are served traditional Thai meals in clean local restaurants selected for their authenticity, quality, hygiene and service.

CS (Community Service) Programmes: Conducted incollaboration with our non-profit partner the Volunteers Without Borders Foundation, there are a range of CS & CSR Options (See: Volunteers Without Borders section on the website.) Examples: Intelligent Playgrounds, Mushroom Houses, Green Houses - all in cured bamboo and in knock down format, are easily erected by small unskilled groups.

Saturday School Programme: Given the disparity in teaching resources across the local schools system, and our interest in assisting interested students from all schools in the area with English language training, we have opted to establish our own Saturday school and develop lesson plans to cover the requirements in the Thai school curriculum.

Special Interest Travel (Hands On Arts & Crafts): We provide access to short workshops/hand on experiences that showcase the local art & crafts industry. They offer the unique and rewarding experience that special interest travelers seek but struggle to find.

Night Bazaar Shopping: Is Chiang Mai's popularshowcase for the arts, crafts, souvenir and other items (clothing, jewelry etc.), favoured by visiting tourists.