The Pang Soong Nature Trails are a network of interpretive trails and jungle treks through the different habitats within the extensive community forest under the care of the Khun Muang villager’s of Ban Mae Lai and promoted by Track of the Tiger T.R.D. the private sector development partner.

The three main trails start at 1000 m.a.s.l. and in places reach 1600 m.a.s.l. Each trail has unique features and views, and runs through a diverse range of habitat. There is also a rich history in the area, as some of the trails take you through mountain roads that were formally used as a caravan trade route.


GREEN ROUTE “Waterfall Trail”

DURATION – 5 hours+ depending on if abseil is included.

This trail follows the Mae Lai stream, ascending up to some of the biggest waterfalls in the area (30m+). After which it climbs up out of the valley to the main ridge line that joins the border of Chiang Mai and Lampang Provinces providing some splendid views of the surrounding area. The trail then drops down to join the Huai Hom stream and follows a series of smaller falls leading to a large fall (optional: abseil a 20+ m abseil descending over the mouth of a cave and then into the fall itself). The bottom of the fall provides a welcome chance for a refreshing dip before heading back to the lodge.


RED ROUTE “Pang Soong classic Trail”

DURATION – 4 hours+
DIFFICULTY – Easy/Medium

This trail takes in all the area has to offer. It begins with a climb to the main ridge that leads to the border of the province. Great views are seen while meandering between the pine forests, then the trail descends down to the Huai Hom stream where many waterfalls snake through the valley. A stop at the largest falls on the route for a refreshing dip before heading back to the lodge through a mixture of bamboo forest and coffee/tea plantations.


BLUE ROUTE “Pang Soong ridge trail”

DURATION – 8  hours+
DIFFICULTY – Medium/hard

The longest of the routes follows a cattle trail along ridges that join up with the border of the province Lampang and Chiang Mai. At its highest it reaches 1700M+, offering views of Doi Suthep, Doi Interon (Thailand’s highest mountain), Doi Chang Dao (Thailand’s 3rd highest mountain) and also the city of Chiang Mai.