Pang Soong Lodge (PSL)

At PSL, the wooden buildings are clustered in the Khun Muang style, in an idyllic setting around a natural flow pool, on the banks of the Mae Lai stream, and surrounded by primary forest. The Lodge is at an elevation of 1’000 m.a.s.l., where the temperature is consistently 5 degrees lower than it is on the flood plain below, and the air is clean all year around.

The lodge provides accommodation, meals and logistical support for all the Track of the Tiger T.R.D.’s ¬†and VWB programmes:

  • Volunteering – Volunteers supporting programmes for VWB are based at Pang Song Lodge under a ‘subsidised accommodation and meal package’.
  • Ecotourism – Interpretive nature trails and jungle treks.
  • Educational programmes – A range of outdoor education programmes for the international school, university, and youth group markets.
  • Corporate team building and Retreats – Jungle survival, river tracing, ropes course, fixed challenge and expedition style programmes with time set aside for the client’s own workshops, discussions in a relaxed, private, outdoor setting.
  • Adventure Racing – The nature trails lend themselves to the growing sport of adventure racing, where small and larger groups compete against each other across challenge courses, set (in this case) in a jungle environment, where the obstacles to be navigated include, waterfalls, rope bridges, difficult terrain and more.
  • Research – Academics and scientists, both individuals and groups, use the lodge and its resources (research lab, access to local ‘forest skilled’ labour volunteers and visiting schools, protected and well managed community forest) to support environmental and socio-economic research.

At present there are several twin and double rooms available for individual guests and small groups with shared western style bathroom facilities. For larger groups there are 4 dormitories for guests, each accommodating 12-16 people in teak- built bunk beds, and each with good access to western style toilets and hot water showers. Dormitory rooms include fly screens on the windows, a lockable door and electric fans. The bunk beds in the room have a thin but comfortable mattress, clean white sheets and a blanket. Volunteers are expected to help keep facilities tidy during their stay i.e. taking shoes off before entering the bedroom, and by not littering.

Typical breakfast will be scrambled eggs, toast, ham and rice soup, as well as tea and coffee.

Typical lunch and dinner would be steamed rice plus 2-3 Thai dishes i.e. chicken curry, fried rice, chicken with basil, pork with pepper, Thai soup. On occasion groups may take lunch away from the Pang Soong Lodge; this will generally be a picnic box with fried rice, a BBQ chicken wing, a boiled egg and a banana.

At all meals, an option will be made available for vegetarians if present.

Fresh water will be available at all times from the water cooler, and volunteers are encouraged to hydrate often and fill their own water bottles from there. Additionally, a “tuck shop” is available where volunteers can purchase soft drinks, snacks, cakes and other treats.

Refrigerators are on site in the kitchen and in the service area. All meals will be cooked by the PSL kitchen staff, although volunteers will be asked to help clean up plates, bowls etc and to keep the dining area and campfire area clean.